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Welcome to UNIDIR’s timeline of key events in the history of diplomatic efforts for the ME WMDFZ.

The objective of the timeline is to create a baseline of knowledge and provide information on the key diplomatic milestones of the ME WMDFZ. The timeline is a “living document” to which new milestones and their corresponding documents will be added as the process evolves and additional documents become available.

The key criteria for including a milestone or document to the timeline are:
1. Milestone or document that affected the course of events; generated new information on the topic; or signified a change in position;
2. Milestone or document originating from states that will make up the ME WMDFZ, the NPT depositories, or International Organizations or forums named in any of the resolutions pertaining to the zone; and
3. Availability of documents to substantiate the event.

The Timeline begins with the first formal multilateral milestone, which took place in 1974, but also includes earlier initiatives from the 1950s and 1960s, which can be accessed by navigating to the earlier years within the Timeline.


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