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ME WMDFZ Documents Depository

The ME WMDFZ Project is carried out with funding by the European Union



The ME WMDFZ Documents Depository is a resource hub that collects and organizes the main documents related to the evolution of the ME WMDFZ. The Documents Depository is a publicly available, freely accessible searchable database. Documents can be sorted and filtered by date, originating forum or state, and type of document. The depository is a ‘living tool’ to which new documents will be added as the process evolves and additional, previously unpublished documents become available.

The main criteria for including documents in the Depository are:

  1. Documents important to understanding the history of the ME WMDFZ process; and
  2. Documents, annual resolutions, and national statements on the ME WMDFZ process originating from states that will make up the ME WMDFZ, the depositories states/co-conveners, and International Organizations or forums named in any of the resolutions pertaining to the ME WMDFZ.